Italy: Somalian Attempts To Rape Pregnant Woman In Delivery Room

Italy, Migrant Invasion, Multiculture

Italy: Somalian Attempts To Rape Pregnant Woman In Delivery Room

A 43 year old woman in labour has narrowly escaped from being culturally enriched in Rome’s Sant’Eugenio Hospital. In a scene remiriscent of the regular attacks in Malmö, a Somalian stormed the delivery room and set himself on the pregnant woman. Fortunately the woman managed to cry for help and the personnel incapacitated the Somalian, handing him to the police.

The 38 year old Somalian had managed to steal a hospital uniform in order to sneak past security. Unsurprisingly, the man had also a prior criminal history.

While attacks on women are extremely common among foreign races, the radical leftists and feminists continue to flood Europe with countless numbers of potential- and known criminals. While in this particular case both the woman and her child escaped unharmed, many others have not been as lucky.

Source: Libero (In Italian)

Author: Sander Laanemaa

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