Swedish social services: ISIS terrorists can be good parents

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Sweden faces many families who are returning to Sweden after fighting for ISIS. Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) recently asked various social services in the Scandinavian country, how they “take care of returning families who have fought for ISIS”?

The social services in Gothenburg are accustomed with returning jihadists and try to make them feel comfortable so they can continue with their lives. Sometimes the children and their families might get attention from SÄPO (The Swedish Security Service), but just because the father and mother are members of a terrorist organisation – raping and massacring innocent people – does not neccessarily mean that they are bad parents, at least according to the social services.

Bettan Byvald – a social worker in Gothenburg municipality – admits, that decisions are made case by case. While some of the children returning from ISIS have been taken from their parents, others have been allowed to stay with their parents.

Out of the five social services that the Swedish Radio contacted, it was only Gothenburg municipality which had procedures in place for “taking care of” returning ISIS families. In other municipalities the children and their are treated no differently from other children.

Sweden is however not always so lenient when allowing children to stay with their parents. In many cases in the last decade children have been forcibly removed from their parents on charges of homeschooling. It is of vital importance for the Swedish socialist-feminist government that all children attend government schools. Sweden’s education system is one of the most progressive in the world, with recently introduced gender neutral preschools. No one is judging the influence of ISIS fighters on children, though – all for the benefit of a multicultural Sweden.

Author: Sander Laanemaa

Sander Laanemaa was born in Estonia in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as a deck officer. During his studies he took an interest in history, philosophy, psychology, and the occult. His research guided him deep into the rabbit hole, which ultimately led to the creation of Culture Wars.

Sander is fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

He has given a number of lectures on various topics on maritime affairs, and also on ancient history and the faults of contemporary social movements.

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