Migrant Student Scheme Exposed In Estonia

Migrant Student Scheme Exposed In Estonia

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The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has suspended the issuing of residence permits to foreign students studying at Euroacademy (a private university in Tallinn, Estonia) after exposing a migrant student scheme run by the university.

The decision to deny residence permits for the students at Euroacademy comes after years of importing young non-Europeans outside the Schengen Area into Estonia under the pretext of studying. One term at the university costs €1470 ($1750), with the most popular degrees being in business management.

209 freshmen from various non-European countries who started their studies in September will either have to continue their academic pursuits in another university, or leave the Baltic country within 20 days. While around 10 people have successfully enrolled to alternate universities, it is increasingly evident that the rest are utterly incapable of being accepted to any respectable university… or primary school, for that matter.

The authorities have determined that many foreign students are unable to comprehend even basic English (or Russian, if the courses are in Russian), while the university claims they have passed all language exams. Also, some of the applicants of the residence permit have failed to answer as to what they are studying, why, and where.

The university has used the practice of conducting Skype interviewiews with potential new students before they ever set foot on European soil. In March 2017, The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board asked that screenshots of the videos are provided to them. Also, in case of anys suspicious applicants the authorities asked the university to conduct a second interview, along with a video recording of the interview. As an additional safeguard, all students not showing up for school must be reported to the police.

The university has since then sent no screenshots to the police, nor any video recordings of any interviews. Only on five occasions have they supplied the authorities with low quality audio recordings instead, where it is impossible to identify the person being interviewed. In several instances the applicants maintained long pauses hinting to the possibility that someone was helping them to answer the questions.

In one blatant abuse of the residence permit one of the students was caught at Tallinn Airport. It was then determined that the student had not been in Estonia nor within the Schengen Area within the previous 7 months, yet she had been marked as present in the classrooms and had even passed her exams.

In 2006/2007 the Euroacademy had a single foreign student out of 1051. Currently it hosts 641 students, 280 of them outside of Estonia.

Many African students with the backing of a few Social Justice Warriors and the left-wing media are complaining about the decision by the authorities, while the general populace is applauding the decision to stop the importing of non-contributing people to the society.

While Estonia has officially accepted around 160 people (half of whom have since fled to countries with higher social handouts) after the outbreak of the migrant invasion in 2015, the real number of non-contributing non-Europeans living in Estonia is estimated to be around 1000, mainly because of similar schemes run by private universities.

Source: Postimees (in Estonian)

Author: Sander Laanemaa

Sander Laanemaa was born in Estonia in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as a deck officer. During his studies he took an interest in history, philosophy, psychology, and the occult. His research guided him deep into the rabbit hole, which ultimately led to the creation of Culture Wars.

Sander is fluent in English, Swedish, Finnish, and Estonian.

He has given a number of lectures on various topics on maritime affairs, and also on ancient history and the faults of contemporary social movements.

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